EnvTech’s novel corrosion inhibitor allows carbon steel and even brass or copper equipment to be cleaned with nitric acid solutions. The nitric acid cleaning is quick and effective at ambient temperature (requires no heating).

Water-side cleanings (or final cleaning of process sides) using Universal Acid Inhibitor (ETI-916) in conjunction with nitric acid will leave even difficult equipment (fin-fan and exchanger tube sides, for example) clean enough for the most rigorous inspection methods.

Universal Acid Inhibitor (ETI-916):

  • Protects metal surfaces completely while allowing nitric (or other) acid to dissolve corrosion products and other scale deposits aggressively.
  • Is effective with any acid including HNO3 , HF, HCl, H2SO4 , H3PO4 , Citric, Formic and even HNO3 / HF mixtures. 
  • Is effective with any metal. It will even protect galvanized finishes.
  • Also protects metal from corrosion by high concentrations of ferric iron or total iron (unlike other corrosion inhibitors).


Universal Acid Inhibitor ETI-916™

This product is used to inhibit acid corrosion during the operation of scale removal with various acids formed from calcium carbonate, iron oxide, calcium sulfate and mixtures of silicon. It is suitable for pickling metals such as carbon steel, low alloys, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and their combined structures. It can be used with either organic or inorganic acids with no pitting of metal surfaces. Its metal corrosion rate is less than 1mm/year under normal operating conditions and it has an excellent inhibition to hydrogen permeation as well as corrosion accelerated by the Fe+++ ion.


ETI-916 has excellent inhibition in various metals and alloys in a great variety of chemical cleaning agents, such as HNO3, H2SO4, HCL, H3PO4, H2C2O4, CH3COOH, HNO3-HF, HF, HCL-HF, EDTA, citric acid, citric acid-NH4HF2, sulfamic acid, hydroxyacetic acid, formic acid, and NH4HF2.

ETI-916 decreases corrosion rate of most common alloys to below 1mm/year in various chemical- cleaning agents. 

ETI-916 has excellent inhibition to hydrogen permeation and to corrosion acceleration by Fe+++. No pitting occurs during pickling.

ETI-916 has the features of low dosage, low cost, easy handling, mild odor, no environmental contamination and no safety issues.