H2SO4 Alky Unit One Step Cleaning & Neutralization

The H2SO4 Alkylation unit is cleaned for entry by circulating ETI Cleaning & Gas-Freeing Solution™. The cleaning solution immediately neutralizes sulfuric acid, dissolves any scale, and removes "esters" found throughout the Alky equipment. This type of cleaning is entirely non-corrosive for the processing unit, non-hazardous to the personnel, and can be completed in less than 48 hours.

EnvTech Services include:

  • Shutdown procedure review emphasizing turnaround neutralization
  • Detailed neutralization planning
  • Pre-turnaround neutralization audit, including site walk down
  • Neutralization supervision or turnkey services
  • Safe, neutral pH decontamination system minimizing residual sludge
  • Efficient decontamination process resulting in shorter turnaround durations