As procedures carried out on the installation result in contamination with grease/oil, welding scale, etc. This cleaning procedure is called pre-commission cleaning. The proper assessment of the installations and selection of the correct cleaning method, as well as its subsequent implementation, may require our expertise.

EnvTech performs a series of operational services that contribute to the readiness of industrial facilities, like the following:

  • Steam Blowing
  • Air Blowing
  • High-pressure water cleaning
  • Pre-Commissioning Chemical Cleanings

It is often used to remove construction material and corrosion deposits from steam system piping, that If not removed, can cause severe damage to the process. Envtech performs the two types of Steam Blowing available: LP Blow Method (Continuous) and HP Blow Method (Cyclic). Each of these methods is applied according to the client's needs.

EnvTech offers experienced technical assistance and specialized engineered equipment/accessories to complete very successful projects.

In this case, air is used as the medium to remove fouling and debris. Air Blowing can be applied to a wide variety of systems. It is environmentally friendly, eliminating effluent that would otherwise be created by water flushing. EnvTech has an expert team of engineers that can design Air Blowing systems to achieve the desired results in the most efficient way possible.

When applied to the correct situation this traditional cleaning method can achieve excellent cleanliness levels without the use of costly or potentially hazardous chemicals. Let EnvTech’s team of experts determine if this method is optimal for your application.

Conventional chemical cleanings for pre-commissioning purposes are often performed with generic chemicals. EnvTech offers alternative products that enhance safety, efficiency, and results. The products that EnvTech offers are listed below. This chemistry combined with appropriate equipment and experienced personnel, assure a successful project.