EcoSolvent (ETI-927) is used mainly in EnvTech Liquid Phase/Mix phase cleaning.

In typical applications, EnvTech provides external pumps, most vessels and exchangers are liquid-filled except for large columns such as the Main Fractionators or Vacuum Towers, which are cascaded. The solution is heated to a temperature range of 180°F to 200°F using process unit reboilers, furnaces, and/or direct steam injection.

The goal is to provide adequate flow through the entire system while minimizing the number of temporary connections and blinding required prior to the start of the cleaning.

This system is suitable for both packed / tray-type towers. It has proved equally successful in both applications.

EnvTech’s proprietary EcoSolvent (ETI-927), is recirculated with ETI Cleaning & Gas Freeing

solution, which utilizes a strong buffer system in combination with appropriate chelants and surfactant to: neutralize polythionic acids on contact, dissolve all scales found in nearly

any refinery process unit. This mixture also renders pyrophoric substances inactive. In addition, Benzene and other regulated air contaminants have been absent from the vapor

spaces of vessels opened after these cleanings.

  • EcoSolvent (ETI-927) vastly improves the removal of asphaltenes, coke deposits, and heavy hydrocarbons.
  • EcoSolvent (ETI-927) is 100% biodegradable and will have no ill effect on the environment.
  • EcoSolvent (ETI-927) is a non-hazardous product that may be safely handled and will have no ill effect on personnel.
  • EcoSolvent (ETI-927) creates a stable emulsion, which can be safely drained to Bio Treatment Plants.

Note: The stable emulsion created can be de-stabilized very easily if refinery-draining restrictions require this.