Case Study:
On-Site Contaminated HF Neutralization

EnvTech Inc. provided support and chemicals to neutralize ~145,000 lbs. of Hydrofluoric Acid located on-site at a client in Australia. EnvTech supplied the chemical (ETI-991), supervision, blending frac tank, and diesel pumps/hoses for the Neutralization process. Our client provided nitrogen, air compressor, fresh water for blending chemicals, and mechanical labor for set-up.

The estimated time to complete the neutralization of all the HF Acid (~145,000 lbs.) was 6 days working daylight hours only.

EnvTech has a lot of experience dealing with HF Acid and HF Alkylation Units. We developed this process because it is the safest chemical reaction to neutralize HF Acid, and it is the only process that produces a non-hazardous effluent. Every other type of chemistry will produce a hazardous effluent. Also, EnvTech’s process is so safe and effective that we have applied for a US Patent for our process. We have used this process multiple times with no safety or environmental issues.