Another top priority for EnvTech is our personnel and business partners’ social equity and inclusion. We believe that our future revolves around the families and communities we are honored to be a part of.

We consider an equitable community to be one where a person’s identity, race, religion, or sex does not negatively impact their ability to thrive. Our goals for focusing on equity and inclusion are to expand the company's diversity and facilitate an inclusive work environment. We will continue to promote and maintain a welcoming and inclusive work culture where our employees and partners can feel safe and connected.

At EnvTech, we strive for excellence throughout the chemical cleaning industry by implementing forward-thinking processes and utilizing the safest chemicals for personnel and the environment. We are a small, close-knit family with the mindset that sustainability, and the implementation of sustainable development policies in our company, are of absolute importance in the finite oil and gas industry.

Our top priority is to understand and generate a culture of sustainability within our company and community by creating behavior change strategies that encourage and empower EnvTech personnel to identify and evaluate energy efficiency opportunities and reduce resource consumption.

As a leader in the industry, we realize that change in the culture can be most effective by sharing our own strong, sustainable development goals within the oil and gas industry and the communities in which we live.

Examples of our sustainable development goals include

  • Reducing energy consumption in our warehouses and office buildings
  • Low Energy LED lighting
  • Efficient cooling fans and insulation for climate control
  • Low maintenance Xeriscaping rather than water-consuming landscaping
  • Researching new technology to utilize biodiesel, electric motors, fuel cells for our diesel-driven pumps
  • Utilizing low carbon transport methods for the shipping of our chemicals and equipment to locations around the world
  • Constantly upgrading our processes in the field to reduce the amount of effluent sent to wastewater facilities