This is a 120,000 bbl/day integrated atmospheric and vacuum distillation process unit, which usually has a feedstock of 16 API crude (maya crude). The challenge was to decontaminate the tower for rapid entry and clean the exchangers, including preheat train (crude resid). The main goal reduce the length of the turnaround through safe and efficient chemical cleaning, leaving the equipment as clean as possible, to allow safe entry and minimize or eliminate additional mechanical cleaning requiremnts. In spite of the large size of the unit and the number of exchangers (approximately 120), the entire chemical cleaning process took only 48 hours.  The overall effectiveness and efficiency of the chemical cleaning saved the client approximately seven (7) days.

Utilizing our EcoSolvent (ETI-927) solution we successfully improved the bundle extraction process to the point that the majority of the bundles pulled were found to be clean enough to simply inspect and reinstall with no hydro blasting required. As compared to prior decontamination attempts, the number of bundles that required hydro blasting was reduced by 60%, saving our client significant money and time.

This project involved a petrochemical alky unit design, which blends paraffin and benzene. The polymerization reactions clogged the drainage system resulting in poor draining of products during the shutdown. Our ETI Cleaning and Gas Freeing Solution was used to neutralize an estimated six (6) tons of hydrofluoric acid left in the unit. The safety and health benefits gained by our process were immeasurable. Upon completion of the cleaning the client was able to safely begin mechanical work  without the fear of encountering HF acid, proving the effectiveness of the EnvTech procedure, process and execution.

For this project, EnvTech was hired to decontaminate three (3) main flare headers including their stacks. Our team was asked to complete this project within 24-hours.  EnvTech’s experienced staff of engineers not only met the client’s narrow timeline, but completed the project with zero incidents.