EnvTech, Inc. has developed the safest and most efficient process for decontamination of SULFURIC ACID Alkylation units. Most refineries/contractors rely on strong alkaline/caustic solutions to neutralize any remaining acid. This must be followed by further chemical cleaning for hydrocarbon removal and additional mechanical work and rinsing for sludge/scale removal.

EnvTech’s neutral pH process utilizes a strong 8.8 pH buffer in addition to specific scale removers in a single solution. As a result, neutralization occurs immediately upon contact during the initial phase of the cleaning. This avoids the use of hazardous caustic solution.

When used in combination with H2SO4 Scale Remover (ETI-982) the solution will remove scale from process equipment walls. In addition, unlike with caustic solutions, the neutralization of the Sulfuric acid does NOT:

  • Create precipitants or solids that foul equipment.

  • Trap hazardous materials to be found during the turnaround maintenance phase.

  • Or cause the potential for under deposit corrosion.