When used in conjunction with ETI Cleaning and Gas-Freeing Solution, Oxidant (ETI-911) allows us to dissolve iron sulfide scale at neutral pH. This eliminates the generation of hydrogen sulfide (and the accompanying hazards). The sulfides are actually destroyed in this process. Thus, they are not present in the spent solution. Oxidant (ETI-911) also destroys Benzene, eliminating it from the turnaround work area and from the spent cleaning solution.

Oxidant (ETI-911) is active at alkaline pH (unlike hydrogen peroxide) and forms no precipitates (unlike potassium permanganate). Oxidant (ETI-911) does not generate excessive heat in oxidation reactions. Thus, it is much safer than bleach, hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate for use where hydrocarbons are present.

Sulfide Removal with Oxidant (ETI-911)

  • Destroy Sulfides, Benzene and other aromatics at neutral pH.
  • Does not form precipitates (unlike Potassium Permanganate)
  • Safe
  • Does not create explosive conditions (unlike Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • Does not liberate H2S
  • Waste water friendly
  • Sulfides are destroyed and thus not present in spent solution.