HF Alkylation Unit One Step Cleaning & Neutralization

EnvTech’s specialty is the HF Alkylation Unit one step cleaning and neutralization process. With this revolutionary process the Alkylation unit is cleaned for entry by circulating ETI Cleaning & Gas-Freeing Solution. The cleaning solution neutralizes HF immediately upon contact in addition to dissolving any Iron Fluoride Scale and removing Polymer found throughout the Alky equipment. This type of cleaning is completely non-corrosive and can be completed in less than 48 hours. In some locations the used cleaning solution can be drained directly to the plant sewer.


  • SAFE: pH 7 solution neutralizes HF on contact.
  • Non-Corrosive: Zero flange leaks
  • Efficient: One solution neutralizes HF, Dissolve fluoride scale and removes polymer in as few as 48 hours
  • Proven: EnvTech has successfully completed more HF Alky projects than all our competitors combined