Frequently Asked Questions - Services

Typically, we will need copies of PFDs, P&IDs, and vessel sizes (if not listed on P&IDs). In some cases, we may need to visit the site to perform a job walk-through in order to accurately estimate the mechanical equipment required for the project. Please contact us and we will be able to advise you on the information needed to provide a quote.

We are proud to say that we can respond as quickly as our clients require (taking into account the physical limitations of distance between our hubs and the client location). We are very experienced at using different freight possibilities (ground, maritime and air cargo) to deliver our chemicals and/or equipment. EnvTech has been able to respond to emergencies in various countries and continents on a very short notice.

We have enough resources (equipment and personnel) to perform a complete refinery turnaround decontamination project. Our decontamination management expertise allows us to bundle services (alky and heavy oil units), resulting in time and money savings for our clients.

As a professional consultancy, we usually require support from our client with mechanical workers, storage tanks (if required), fabrication of temporary connections, forklift or crane to lay out facilities (as needed), and fuel (as needed for pumps).

Our goal is always to complete the cleaning procedure safely and efficiently. We will modify the cleaning procedure with on-site personnel’s input as much as requested to ensure we satisfy the requirements of the client. We are flexible with our procedures, as long as they remain safe.

Chemical cleaning is a liquid phase process that will remove dirt, sludge, and other material that hinders the performance of a unit and eliminates pyrophoric and corrosive material. Decontamination is a vapor-phase process that eliminates environmentally controlled substances like benzene and eliminates unsafe substances like H2S.

We will assign a project manager to your project. This project manager will be your point of contact from the beginning to the end. He will work with you to develop a quote, drawings, list of temporary connections, and procedure. Your EnvTech project manager will work with on-site personnel to ensure everything is completed to your utmost satisfaction.

This solution is normally high in fluoride (5,000 PPM) and will typically be drained to a onsite tank for disposal by the client. We offer a treatment option for this high fluoride water that will lower the fluoride content from (5,000 PPM) to less than 20 PPM for easier client disposal. Please ask your EnvTech consultant about this service.

Each job is unique, but a typical estimate for an alky unit neutralization/cleaning of an entire unit is six days beginning-to-end. This includes two days of set-up time, three days of circulation/cleaning/neutralizing, and one day of equipment breakdown.

We offer two types of heavy oil cleaning/decontamination: a liquid-phase and a vapor-phase cleaning. Liquid phase cleaning will remove sludge and oil from the equipment and vapor phase cleaning will eliminate benzene and H2S vapors. Generally, a combination of the two methods is used when cleaning an entire system.