ETI Cleaning & Gas-Freeing Solution utilizes a strong buffer system in combination with appropriate chelants and surfactant in order to neutralize polythionic acids on contact, dissolve all scales found in nearly any refinery process unit, and emulsify any hydrocarbon residue contained in a system. The mixture also renders pyrophoric substances inactive and has proven excellent for polymer removal. Additionally, Benzene and other regulated air contaminants have been absent from the vapor spaces of vessels after these cleanings.

ETI Cleaning & Gas-Freeing Solution is specifically designed to be environmentally benign. The chelants and buffer used in this formulation are non-toxic; and (in fact) are sometimes only available as “Food Grade” chemicals. It has very low aquatic toxicity. The 96-hour LC50 for Rainbow Trout minnows is 11.9%.

ETI Cleaning & Gas-Freeing Solution™ does not make stable emulsions. In fact, the surfactants contained act as demulsifiers when in static conditions (such as an API Separator or a tank).