The EnvTech Process

We have developed the safest and most efficient process available for heavy oil units (HOU) based upon a wide variety of applications (liquid-phase, vapor-phase or combination-phase) and for
HF / H2SO4 alkylation unit decontamination.

Most chemical cleaning contractors rely on a three phase procedure using degreesers or acids for polymer and scale removal, followed by an additional wash for neutralization.

Our cleaning process includes a single-phase neutralization and cleaning step. This can be achieved in most cases within 48 hours. All the chemicals involved are completely non-flamable, non-corossive, non-hazardous and environmentally-friendly.

When this single-phase cleaning process is finished, the unit is ready for maintenance, including entry permits and hot-work permits, with no additional preparation or additional time wasted.

The EnvTech process is built on a foundation of knowledge, skills and chemicals that collectively bring every project to a successful completion.