Other Services

Air Fin-Fan Cleaning
Innovative cleaning method that uses the properties of sandblasting but with a non-abrasive material. This unique process removes fouling from the aluminum fins in the fin-fan cooler banks and brings a more efficient energy optimization.

We use a new “dry” low pressure chemical cleaning process which allows cleaning of forced and induced draft air-cooled heat exchangers, while online. The process is safe to work with, has no adverse effects to people and the environment and cleans three to four air fin bank exchangers (approximately 40m2 each) per each 10-12 hr shift.

We use our proprietary DRY-X chemical mix (formulated for maximum impact on the surface area of tubes and aluminum blades) in the caning process. This unique formula is used in combination with our regulated LP-jetting equipment, resulting in maximum cleaning effectiveness and low product use.

The results of this type of cleaning are significantly better than using traditional high pressure water cleaning (with or without soap/chemicals) normally used in refineries by local contractors.

Pre-Commissioning Services
Installations (boilers, heat exchangers, cooling water systems, amine system, pipelines etc.) are often cleaned prior to being put into use, as various procedures carried out on the installation result in contamination with grease / oil, welding scale, etc. This cleaning procedure is called pre-commission cleaning. The proper assessment of the installations and selection of the correct cleaning method, as well as its subsequent implementation may require our expertise.

Tank Cleaning Services
We also offer consulting and project oversight services in cleaning of tanks (and other types of liquid receptacles), and in treating of the waste generated for easier (and more economical) disposal (or recycling). A program to optimize tank cleaning practices, as well as waste treatment and disposal practices includes:

  1. A review of past practices for cost-effectiveness and environmental hazards.

  2. Evaluation of the environmental safety of the prior tank cleanings.

  3. Collecting data about tanks to be cleaned in the near future.

  4. Selecting the optimum methods for cleaning of each tank (and for treatment and disposal of the wastes generated).

  5. Assistance with contractor selection and project oversight.

  6. Our personnel can provide expertise and unique technologies to resolve emulsions in product or waste tanks, with emphasis on removing solids from the tank (in the oil or water phase) rather than depositing them on the tank bottom.

Cooling Water Cleaning System
This innovative cleaning method employs a unique, EnvTech Nitric Acid Inhibitor, which provides excellent scale removal properties at ambient temperature and is virtually non-corrosive. Some of the benefits include:

  • Equipment availability is increased by minimizing the out-of-service time associated with mechanical cleaning.

  • Cleaning cost is reduced dramatically.

  • Equipment service life is prolonged because the “pitting” associated with under-deposit corrosion is decreased or eliminated.

  • The water- side deposits are removed on a routine basis rather than waiting until severe loss of efficiency is observed. This provides significant improvements in throughput, which directly affects the refinery’s productivity and profitability.