ETI Cleaning and Gas-Freeing Services

Non-Corrosive Cleaning and Neutralization of Alkylation Units
A non-corrosive, neutral-pH technology for the removal of iron fluoride, sulfuric fouling, alky sulfates (acid esters) and polymer deposits in HF or Sulfuric Alkylation units. This unique technology is significantly safer, more effective, and more efficient than conventional methods.

ETI Oxidation and Heavy Oil Removal
A one-step process for the removal of heavy oil deposits and for solving problems associated with H2S and benzene. This service can be applied in three different methods: Liquid phase (liquid circulation through the equipments), Vapor phase (steam atomization of the products) or a combination of the previous two methods.

ETI Oxidation and Chelant Products
A one-step process for the removal of iron sulfide deposits and for solving problems associated with H2S and mercaptan constituents.

Neutral pH Boilers and Exchangers Cleaning
A one-step process for iron oxide and other deposits removal from boiler equipments and exchangers (meet all the different requirement materials).

Neutral pH Refinery S.S.C. Passivation
Using our ETI Cleaning and Gas-Freeing Solution, we guarantee the safest protection process against environmental impact over equipment surface during a turnaround.

Plant Turnaround Decontamination Management
The result is carry-out decontamination/de-gassing of columns, towers, heat exchangers and process piping in the shortest time possible, saving valuable downtime allowing more time for turnaround downstream maintenance activities or earlier start-up of the plant.

Turnaround Operational and Mechanical Consultation
Our experienced staff has troubleshooting capability in a variety of refining process units, whether operational or maintenance issues.

Custom Cleaning Services
A custom-made procedure and solution can be developed in cooperation with our clients.