Frequently Asked Questions - Products

What types of crude has EnvTech encountered during heavy oil cleanings?
We have successfully cleaned heavy oils units that have ran oils as heavy as 8 API gravity crude
(refer to upgrader’s crude in success stories) and as light as 35 API with favorable results.

Where can we apply the ETI Gas and Cleaning Solution in an alkylation unit?
The ETI Gas and Cleaning Solution is designed to clean and neutralize the acid section of all alkylation units. This solution will work equally well on HF and sulfuric alkylation units.

Will EnvTech products negatively effect waste water plant operation?
Absolutely not. Our products are biodegradable, meet food-grade specifications, have a pH range of
7-9, and will not make any stable emulsions.

How does the EnvTech heavy oil cleaning process eliminate the chances of combustion due to pyrophoric material?
Our Oxidant (ETI-911) is designed to oxidize all pyrophoric material and make them inert. When
ETI-911 is used along with the EnvTech heavy oil cleaning procedure, both pyrophoric materials will be degraded and hydrocarbons will be removed (eliminating two of the three sides of the combustion triangle).

Do we need to do a metal passivation wash on our system prior to your chemical treatment or does your chemical take care that?
Our Cleaning and Gas Freeing Buffer (ETI-995) will passivate all the equipment during the cleaning process so a prior passivation wash is not required.