ETI Cleaning and Gas-Freeing Solution

(One-Step Cleaning and Neutralization)

In recent years, we have developed several new chemical technologies to make chemical cleaning more efficient and safer for personnel and the environment. Including innovative products and blends for cleaning many types of refining and petrochemical process equipment.

EnvTech, Inc. (ETI) offers unique chemistry solutions, including:

1. Alkylation Cleaning and Gas-Freeing Solution
Neutralizes hydrofluoric acid (HF) sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and removes any scale as well as polymers resulting from the alkylation process.

2. ETI Cleaning and Gas Freeing Solution
Solution mixture, which neutralizes polythionic acids, oxidizes sulfide compounds and degreases some types of oils. (Offered in liquid phase.)

3. ETI Heavy Oil Unit Solution
Solution mixture, which removes asphaltene, heavy oil, neutralizes polythionic acids and degreases any type of oil. (Offered in liquid and vapor phase.)

4. ETI Oxidation Solution
Oxidizes pyrophoric compounds, benzene and neutralizes polythionic acid in a variety of locations in the refinery. (Offered in liquid phase.)

In addition to these standard solutions for many process contaminations, if necessary, we will develop a custom-made cleaning solution in our laboratories (in cooperation with our clients).

ETI Cleaning and Gas-Freeing Solution

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