Management Team

The EnvTech management team includes experts with over 200 combined years of chemical cleaning, process and refinery operations experience including:

  • Former operators of refinery units
  • Former chief supervisors of refinery units
  • Chemists
  • Process engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Maintenance specialists

EnvTech ¬†recognizes the importance of providing reliable services and thoroughly understands the complex nature and importance of maintaining technological advantages. 

We are continually expanding into new refining markets (including the South Pacific, Middle East and Central America) and developing qualified personnel for each new region. We will continue to focus on finding smart solutions for challenging decontamination problems in the refining industry. We currently perform chemical cleaning services for every major oil company throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Mexico and have an extensive client reference list.

The quality of our site management and execution teams ensures the successful completion of every cleaning project. We attribute our high success rate to experience, complete understanding of the decontamination requirements and the health, safety and environmental considerations of our clients and ourselves.