Company Profile

EnvTech, Inc. has been providing technical assistance, supervision, procedures, equipment and personnel for the chemical cleaning of process equipment since 1991.

From the beginning, our specialty has been the decontamination of HF Alkylation Units using pH neutral chemistry.  We are proud to offer you the only Proven, Neutral pH, HF Alkylation Decontamination service.

In addition to HF Alkylation Units, we offer innovative products and techniques for cleaning many types of refining and petrochemical process equipment, including:

  • Crude units and other heavy oil units

  • FCC units

  • Coker and flexicoker units

  • Sulfur recovery and amine units

  • Cooling water systems

We have performed work in the United States, Spain, Germany, England, Greece, France, Portugal, Hungary, Finland, Holland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa.